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To celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday this year, the CSO is presenting a series of “Conversations with Beethoven” hosted by Maestro Żółtowski. "The Heiligenstadt Testament - The Struggle against Fate" will deal will questions: how Beethoven overcame despair over his increasing deafness and struggled with physical and emotional ailments to complete his artistic destiny, how fear of humiliation while longing for contact with fellow human beings, for the sound of music and nature, together with awareness of purpose in the artist’s life, lead to creation of great masterpieces and composer’s immortality.

The Catskill Symphony Orchestra announces that Cassandra Miller will serve as its new acting executive director. Miller has held leadership roles with nonprofit, arts, and community organizations in Oneonta and Baltimore/DC and began her position with the CSO this month. The CSO also recently welcomed two new board members, Laura Tansey Wetzel and Ian Kenyon, both of Cooperstown.

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